Terms of Use

  1. Scope of Application of the General Terms and Conditions
    1. LAOLA1 Multimedia GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "LAOLA1"), FN 301484 i, with its registered office in Vienna and its business address at Hosnedlgasse 25, 1220 Vienna, Austria, operates, among other things, the platform.
    2. is a platform for video streams in the field of handball - live and/or on demand - as well as for handball-relevant information, and a platform for the exchange of information between internet users interested in handball; it is operated by LAOLA1 under the internet domain (URL as a website (hereinafter referred to as "ehfTV" or "Website")
    3. LAOLA1 provides the free services on and in connection with ehfTV hereinafter referred to as "Services") only on the basis of these Terms of Use. The internet user (hereinafter referred to as "User") accepts the Terms of Use as well as the specification of services by using one or several Services. If the Terms of Use are not accepted, the User may not use the Services. The User may save or print the Terms of Use at any time.
    4. The parties agree that performance of the Services will commence immediately after the conclusion of the corresponding contract.

  2. Exclusion of Right of Withdrawal from the Contract

    It is emphasised that the offered service is the delivery of digital content, i.e. services which are not stored on a physical medium. It is agreed that immediate use or the immediate commencement of services is available to the User.

  3. User's Responsibilities and Obligations
    1. The User is required to use and is responsible for using the Services only in accordance with applicable laws and the Terms of Use.
    2. The User shall in particular (i) not use the Website to disseminate information that is contra bonos mores and/or in violation of the laws; (ii) not infringe upon the rights of third parties and respect the privacy of third parties, in particular not publish or send any pestering, defamatory or threatening content; (iii) not use the Services in a manner which may cause any change in the structure of the Services, the underlying software and/or programme data; (iv) not make any attempt to decompile the source codes of the Website; (v) not alter the Services in any other manner; and (vi) refrain from using and/or exploiting any content or data of ehfTV for business purposes.
    3. LAOLA1 may remove from the Website any unlawful or undesired content at any time and without consulting with the respective User, and LAOLA1 may take further measures, if required.
    4. The User shall consider the interests of other participants and shall not violate their rights or the rights of third parties. Any material published by Users shall not violate any laws. Users shall comply with existing copyrights and property rights of third parties as well as any criminal provisions and regulations governing youth protection. Users are therefore, among other things, required not to disseminate any offensive, defamatory, insulting, threatening, seditious, obscene or racist statements.
    5. In case of any permitted use of property rights of third parties, the User is required to maintain and observe without any change all existing references to the property rights. When transmitting data or other content to LAOLA1, the User guarantees that he/she has the right to use the content represented by such data.
    6. The User shall hold harmless and indemnify LAOLA1 for and against all claims asserted by third parties and/or regulatory measures resulting from a violation of these Terms of Use.
    7. Compliance with the rules of conduct applicable to internet users and other networks ("Netiquette") is mandatory.
    8. It is not permitted to grant public access to or to disseminate any content including programmes or files which may damage the hardware or software of LAOLA1 or other Users (eg viruses, worms, Trojans, etc.).
    9. It is not permitted to present in public any content of the Website without prior consent. This includes, but is not limited to, any presentation in restaurants of whatever form, any presentation in shops which allow visitors to conclude (sports) bets, any presentation at public places and any presentation at public events which may be visited only against payment of admission fees.
    10. If the User affects the Services technically (eg ad blocker), LAOLA1 reserves the right to exclude the User from any or all Services.
    11. To the extent such monitoring is permitted by law, LAOLA1 is entitled, but not required, to monitor content and acts of use within the scope of the Services.
    12. LAOLA1 may access content and, if applicable, pass on content to third parties or delete content if LAOLA1 is required to do so by law or if this is necessary at LAOLA1's proper discretion and permitted by law in order to (i) satisfy legal provisions or judicial or regulatory orders; (ii) ensure compliance with the Terms of Use; (iii) respond to the assertion by third parties of any violation of rights; (iv) safeguard the rights or personal safety of other Users, of the public or of LAOLA1; or (v) support Users if they have technical problems with their account.

  4. Basic Technical Conditions
    1. The basic technical conditions applicable to the use of the Services are set out in the respective specification of services provided to the User on the Website.
    2. LAOLA1 warrants that the Services are available at a rate of 97% on average per year, except during periods at which the Services are not available via the internet due to technical or other problems not within LAOLA1's control. LAOLA1 does not guarantee that the Services are permanently retrievable. In particular technical failures caused by force majeure may result in Services not being retrievable without interruption.
    3. Faultless use of the Services and content requires that the User has compatible equipment and software, including, without limitation, a compatible version of the operating system provided for the Services. It is recommended that Users use the latest version of the necessary software.
    4. Before using the Services, the User shall (i) check whether the hardware and software used by the User allows using the Services; and (ii) ensure that the equipment used for using the Services has appropriate internet access as well as the minimum system requirements needed for the Services. LAOLA1 is not responsible if certain browsers or browser settings, computers, TV sets, mobile terminals, or applications used by the User do not work. The same holds true for the content of the Services and poor image quality in connection with the transmission of data to the User.
    5. LAOLA1 will show video content only in those countries or territories and/or output channels (eg Web, applications, etc) where LAOLA1 has obtained the respective rights. The quality of the content available in the various countries/territories and output channels is set out in the specification of services provided to the User on the Website.

  5. Disclaimer
    1. LAOLA1 is liable for any property damage and pecuniary loss only in case of wilful misconduct by its legal representatives or vicarious agents. LAOLA1 is liable for any damage caused by gross negligence only if provided by mandatory legal provisions. LAOLA1 is not liable for slight negligence.
    2. LAOLA1 and all its affiliated companies do not accept any guarantee and warranty that the Services offered on the Website meet the Users' requirements, are available without interruption, punctual, secure or error-free. The User may not assert any claims for damages against LAOLA1 and/or its vicarious agents (eg for system failures; faulty, delayed, manipulated or abusive transmission of data), unless such claims are based on intentional or grossly negligent behaviour. In addition, LAOLA1 is not liable for the functioning or availability of the Website.
    3. LAOLA1 disclaims any liability for the content of the Website, including, without limitation, up-to-dateness, completeness and accuracy of the information offered. Any version of documents retrievable online may not correspond to the original document. LAOLA1 does not warrant for the correctness and completeness of own postings, postings by third parties and in particular postings by Users.
    4. LAOLA1 disclaims any liability for damage caused by third parties when using ehfTV. LAOLA1 is liable for own errors only in case of wilful misconduct or gross negligence by LAOLA1; the burden of proof for such behaviour shall lie with the User. In addition, LAOLA1 is not liable for any damage occurred due to unforeseeable events not within LAOLA1's control, including, without limitation, system incidents or computer failures.
    5. LAOLA1 cannot influence the content of linked websites, frames, banner ads or other advertising. LAOLA1 disclaims any liability in connection with such content.
    6. If a User publishes information on ehfTV or if a User's information otherwise becomes content of the Website, the respective User is responsible for such content. LAOLA1 expressly disclaims any liability for content or other material published by Users on the Website.
    7. If firewalls and security certificates are offered, the User acknowledges that these do not guarantee absolute security and full operability according to the state of the art.
    8. LAOLA1 reserves the right, but is not required, to check data exchanged between the participants. If unlawful behaviour is not objected to, LAOLA1 shall not be deemed to waive any claims against the User arising from such behaviour.
    9. LAOLA1 reserves the right to give the User the opportunity to purchase some Services from partner companies or third parties. If such Services are used, a contract shall be deemed concluded only between the User and the respective partner company or third party. LAOLA1 does not accept any warranty for the partner companies' or third parties' capacities and is not liable for the performance of such contracts.

  6. Changes and Availability of the Services
    1. LAOLA1 reserves the right to unilaterally change Services at any time, either temporarily or permanently.
    2. LAOLA1 reserves the right to exclude individual Users or a certain group of Users from visiting the Website as a whole or in respect of certain parts, and LAOLA1 may exercise such right at any time, without giving any reason and without giving prior notice to the User(s) concerned.
    3. LAOLA1 shall also have the right to fully discontinue or interrupt the operation of the Website temporarily or permanently, and LAOLA1 may exercise such right at any time, without giving any reason and without prior notice.
    4. No claim whatsoever and no liability shall arise towards LAOLA1 from or in connection with the measures referred to in Section 8.

  7. Data Protection
    1. The User agrees that LAOLA1, strictly complying with applicable Austrian data privacy laws, may collect, process and use the personal data provided by the User. LAOLA1 will store and process data in an extent and for a period necessary and useful for the operation of ehfTV and permitted by law.
    2. Personal data shall mean any information based on which the User may be identified, including, but not limited to, first name and family name, date of birth, address, and email address. Personal data shall not include any information that may not directly be associated with the User's identity.
    3. When registering for LAOLA1's personalized Services, the User will be asked to provide personal data specified in more detail therein. By registering, the User agrees that such personal data is stored. No personal data will be stored in connection with the Services without the User's knowledge. When registering, the User is granted the opportunity to object to receiving emails from LAOLA1.
    4. In connection with access to the Website, data will be stored on the servers for backup; such data may allow identification. LAOLA1 will use such information to maintain service quality and prepare general statistics concerning LAOLA1. LAOLA1 may pass on such data in an anonymised form to partners for the purpose of performing statistical analyses. No personal data will be used for that purpose.
    5. Except with the Users' prior written consent, LAOLA1 will not sell or lease or otherwise pass on to third parties the personal data and it will not disclose to third parties personal data of the Users for advertising or marketing purposes or otherwise pass on such data to third parties, except to all group companies of the LAOLA1 Group with the sportsman media holding GmbH as (direct or indirect) parent company. LAOLA1 is entitled, however, to pass on personal data of the Users to third parties if LAOLA1 believes there is reasonable suspicion that content transmitted violates the rights of third parties and such third parties request delivery of their personal data. If required by law or court order, LAOLA1 will transmit the Users' data to any agencies entitled to receive such information.
    6. LAOLA1's employees are required to keep personal data confidential. LAOLA1's employees will pass on personal data to third parties only within the scope described above.
    7. If the Website contain links to websites of third parties, LAOLA1 has no influence on the collection, processing or use of personal data once a User clicks on such links. As a consequence, LAOLA1 does not accept any responsibility in this respect.
    8. LAOLA1 reserves the right to use so-called cookies. Cookies are alpha-numerical identifiers temporarily filed in the working memory ("Session Cookie") or permanently stored on the hard disk of the User's computer ("Permanent Cookie"). Such information includes, but is not limited to, the User's IP address, login data, type and version of browser, email addresses, the date and time when the User visits ehfTV, and a cookie number. The use of cookies enables LAOLA1 to "recognise" the User at his/her next visit and to align the offer on ehfTV with the User's interests. Cookies are generally deleted once the User logs out of his personal account, or cookies expire on their dates of expiration. So-called language cookies which "recognise" the language of the Website previously used when the User visits the Website are not deleted when the User logs out. If the User does not log out of his personal account, all cookies are deleted after three months, at the latest.
    9. Effective for the future, Users, whether electronically or in writing, may revoke their consent regarding the storage of personal data at any time without giving any reason. In such case, personal data is immediately deleted. LAOLA1 reserves the right to block personal data for a period of six months after receipt of a revocation notice instead of immediately deleting personal data. LAOLA1 will exercise this right if LAOLA1 has reason to believe that the rights of third parties may be violated by the content placed by the User and such third parties request, or may request in the foreseeable future, delivery of personal data from LAOLA1. While personal data is blocked, LAOLA1 will not use personal data for any purpose other than that described above.

  8. Copyright
    1. LAOLA1 shall have exclusive copyrights and rights of use in respect of the Website and the content thereof. Reference to any copyrights and rights of use of third parties will be made where applicable.
    2. The Users are required to respect the intellectual property of third parties.
    3. Any use and any reproduction, alteration, dissemination, passing on, publication, display or presentation of the content of the Website outside use of the Services is prohibited. The User may not copy, download, store and/or sell in any manner whatsoever and/or use for commercial purposes the content made available by LAOLA1.
    4. The Services, the content thereof, including advertising content, as well as the software used in connection with the Services are protected by legal provisions, including, without limitation, copyrights, trademarks, patents or other intellectual property rights. Users may use the Services, the content thereof and the software use only within the scope of these Terms of Use.

  9. Amendments to the Terms of Use
    1. LAOLA1 reserves the right to amend the Terms of Use in the future upon respective approval by the User. Any amendment will be published on the Website in a manner visible for the Users. The abovementioned approval of the User to the amendment of the Terms of Use shall be deemed to have been granted if the User has not objected in writing within four weeks after receipt of a respective amendment notification, or respectively, if the User uses the respective Services after having been informed about the amendment of the Terms of Use. Within the amendment notification LAOLA1 shall inform the User about the consequences of an omission of an objection and respectively of the continued use of the Services.
    2. If a User objects to an amendment to the Terms of Use, the User may not continue to use the Services.

  10. Notices
    1. Any communications or notices to LAOLA1 shall be sent to the contact addresses indicated in the imprint.
    2. Any communications or notices relating to Services will be disclosed by way of a notice within the relevant Service. Users may not claim to receive separate notice in such case.

  11. Final Provisions
    1. If any term hereof is invalid or ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining terms hereof. The invalid or ineffective term shall be replaced by a term which closest reflects the original intent of the Terms of Use. This shall also apply to any legal loopholes and the interpretation of these Terms of Use.
    2. These Terms of Use are governed by and construed in accordance with Austrian law, without giving effect to the UN Sales Convention. All disputes arising from or in connection with these Terms of Use shall be referred to the court in Vienna having subject-matter jurisdiction.

Vienna, August 2014